Edible Education

Edible Education empowers students to understand how food is grown, consumed, and impacts our personal, community, and environmental health. We provide edible education rooted in garden, nutrition, and cooking-based lesson plans and activities that engage students, parents, and teachers in hands-on learning. School-based garden and cooking activities increase students’ excitement about food and education, improve their knowledge of our border region, and inspire healthier food choices!

Our school garden and cooking team provide education in classrooms throughout the region, run after-school garden and cooking clubs, encourage family involvement in students education through family cooking nights, provide professional development trainings for teachers, and host an online resource hub for educators interested in establishing edible education programs. Program made possible by The Paso del Norte Health Foundation

We currently offer programs and services at a number of schools throughout the Las Cruces, Gadsden, and El Paso school districts.

Make a commitment to invest in growing a new generation of farmers, food activists, and engaged citizens! Help support our vision for a healthy, sustainable, and fair food system by volunteering & donating today.